Princess Avenue Wauchope20230619213711

Princess Avenue Wauchope

HealthyPCJune 19, 20230 comments
Slocombe Building's Granny Flats are all designed for very low ongoing maintenance and upkeep, and our most recent 2-bed Granny Flat built in Wauchope...
Rawdon Island Addition20230612194833

Rawdon Island Addition

HealthyPCJune 12, 20230 comments
Slocombe Building's latest one bedroom, one bathroom addition to a farm cottage on Rawdon Island includes a living area with a study and kitchenette. ...
Oak Ridge Rd, King Creek, Wauchope20230131183206

Oak Ridge Rd, King Creek, Wauchope

HealthyPCJanuary 31, 20230 comments
Slocombe Building's latest build in King Creek, Wauchope - a 2 Bed Granny Flat with accompanying Pool Cabana, is a complete build that includes a new ...
Allan Rd, Wauchope20230130231331

Allan Rd, Wauchope

HealthyPCJanuary 30, 20230 comments
Built by Slocombe Building, this new 1 Bed standard build Granny Flat with a 6x3m veranda, galvanised piers, Stria Cladding, Hardie Deck for veranda, ...
Allambie Place Port Macquarie NSW20221026142638

Allambie Place Port Macquarie NSW

HealthyPCOctober 26, 20220 comments
This new build in Allabie Place, Port Macquarie, is Slocombe Building's Student design: a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom granny flat. In addition to the standa...
Kooloonbung Close Port Macquarie NSW20221021144159

Kooloonbung Close Port Macquarie NSW

HealthyPCOctober 21, 20220 comments
This is an addition by Slocombe Building to a small 3 Bed Home in Koolonbung Close, Port Macquarie. Slocombe Building added:Double garageLarge living/...
Collombatti Mid North Coast NSW20221015010157

Collombatti Mid North Coast NSW

HealthyPCOctober 15, 20220 comments
Set on a 30-acre country block in Collombatti on the Mid-North Coast of NSW, our client wanted a country feel for their forever home. Slocombe Buildin...
Custom Granny Flat Wauchope20180913160639

Custom Granny Flat Wauchope

HealthyPCSeptember 13, 20180 comments
Granny flats are usually built with a combined internal floor space limited to 60m2 to simplify compliance but this custom built wheelchair friendly g...
1 Bed Granny Flat King Creek20180719161006

1 Bed Granny Flat King Creek

HealthyPCJuly 19, 20180 comments
1 Bed Granny Flat, King Creek, WauchopeThis Granny flat is located in Wauchope fully finished and ready to move in, built by Slocombe Building. Contac...
New Pool Cabana20180627160433

New Pool Cabana

HealthyPCJune 27, 20180 comments
New 42m2 pool cabana on concrete slab, 6x stacker door, tin roof and clad walls in Wauchope, built by Slocombe Building.Contact us today for all your ...